EKONER Energy Industry and Trade J.S.E.  is an energy company that is a member of Kahramanmaras Paper Industry and Trade J.S.E. group of companies established in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ekoner Energy is an industrial company aiming at making production in anywhere with energy potentials in order to eliminate the foreign-source dependency of Turkey for energy and bring our country to a point of leading in the global energy market.

Ekoner Energy aims at producing efficient and high quality projects which seeks for economic and ecologic energy by adding the viewpoint of EKONER with the most accurate and the most rational solutions in any energy projects adding energy to our World and particularly to our country.

Areas we operate in;

Photo Voltaic Solar Energy;

Ekoner Energy continues its investments in both PV and CSP technologies in the Photo Voltaic Solar Energy Industry.

With our staff specialized in PV Solar Energy; we provide services such as:

  • Choice and sale of and after-sale technical support for products suitable for you and your projects in your energy projects and investments,
  • Reliable, high quality and problem-free operating technical support and turn-key project designing for your island projects with on or off - grid connections,
  • Investment planning, financial and technical feasibility and turn-key project designing for your investments in Photo Voltaic Solar Energy Power plants.

Our solution partners and co-partners:

It has been one of the leading companies steering the Photo Voltaic Solar Energy market which always targets to produce the best and the highest quality with its experience in Solar Energy Industry since 1958.

MAGE Solar
Producing systems always offering more quality, power and safety with its technology, MAGE Solar now operates in Turkey with its worldwide experience and technical infrastructure.

One of the leading companies in Photo Voltaic Solar Energy Industry, Suntech has been operating since 2001 with the highest production capacity of the World and its more than 8000 employees.

‘Number 1’ manufacturer of the inverter technology, the heart of solar power systems in the World, SMA is an industrial leader which ensures the integration of the energy produced to the system with minimum loss.


CSP (Concentrated Solar Power);

CSP is the technology in which the thermal energy produced by the concentrated daylight in power stations, is used in electric production systems. We carry on our activities in participating in possible plant projects in the future based on CSP technologies and steering the investors.

Wind Power;
The license application proceedings are followed up for the Wind Power Energy Plant with an installed power of 40 MW constructed by Payeks International Trading Co. Ltd., another member of our group of companies. It provides services in identifying the investment opportunities in Wind Power Energy Plants and steering the investors.

Natural Gas Energy Plants;
Ekoner Energy provides services at home and abroad for investors on feasibility and product supply relating to natural gas energy plants which are currently the most common energy production plants in Turkey.
We direct the co-generation projects for your plants and combined energy plant projects for your energy production projects and provide solutions with “brand new” or “used” alternatives for supplying gas turbines and equipments.

Hydroelectric Power Plants;
When it comes to Hydroelectric Power Plants, we carry on our activities in order to evaluate our country and the natural sources of our country in the most appropriate way and to introduce correct projects to the correct investors.
Ekoner Energy leans towards possible investments and investment partnerships in projects we deem appropriate for the best interest of our company and the country resources.

Energy Production from Waste and Garbage;
We try to make widespread the energy production from waste and garbage, which is not widely used in our country through choosing the correct technology.
We continue our efforts to identify the technology suitable for our country as well as steer this technology with correct investments and investors in order to evaluate the possibility of investment on this technology.

Coal Fired Electric Power Plants:
We also perform activities on coal fired electric power plants in addition to natural gas energy plants. We currently have a coal fired electric power plant within our Kahramanmaras Paper Industry and Trade J.S.E.  paper factory which we are a member of. This facility was established in 2003 and meets the major part of our factory’s energy and steam needs. Besides, the heat and steam produced in the facility is used in the greenhouse agricultural facilities owned by our group.


Değirmenyolu Cad. Birman İş Merkezi No:11 Kat:4 34752 İçerenköy İstanbul, Türkiye
T. +90 216 574 46 16 Ext:218  -   F. +90 216 574 46 32